Lizzy's Lizzards
Birthday Parties

Lizzy's Lizzards come to your birthday party at your home, hired hall or local park. The children learn about the animals while being entertained.

We Bring

  • snakes
  • blue-tongued lizards
  • green tree frogs
  • long necked turtles
  • water dragons
  • and more!

Lizzy introduces each animal to your party guests and the kids are invited to touch, feel and hold the creatures. Photos are encouraged throughout.
The birthday child is invited to be the special helper for the day - taking animals around to show their friends.

Additionally, Lizzy's Lizzards provide:

  • Lizzy's Lizzards reptile themed birthday invitations
  • small gift for the birthday child
  • animal plaster mould and paints for each child


Our all inclusive price is $300.
Prices may vary depending on location.

Group Size

Lizzy's Lizzards Reptile Parties are suitable for kids of all ages with a maximum of 30 children, although up to 15 children are recommended.

Call 0417 373 716 to enquire about available dates
or to make a booking.